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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing never always comes naturally to you, needs practice— a lot of practice. No one has an inborn writing talent. You keep reading and keep writing for getting better at it. Also, don’t fantasize the idea of sitting on a chair and writing down amazing ideas with words flowing out like magic from your pen. It only happens in movies. Authors and various writers always give myriad ways to keep practising, habits to inculcate for improving your writing skills. Even Ruskin Bond, the Padamshree awardee author had written in one of his essays, “ Desperate writers like me will seize upon any bit of writing material when in need. And I recall that my first literary production was inscribed on sheets of toilet paper.”— Ruskin Bond. Out of all those many, many ideas; here are a selected few that are easy to apply in your daily life and mostly followed: 1) Read short and easy books initially Reading demands concentration. And let us be honest—your tiring job and social media status updates— our