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10 Exciting Christmas Story Writing Prompts

Christmas is that time of year when you want to forget all your troubles and take a plunge inside the world of imagination. When reality is blurred and happy fables make way to our homes. Writing a short story on that theme is the best way to make use of all those imaginary characters that visit you in your dreams.  Here a few prompts to help you if anytime you find yourself clueless:   1) A middle-aged man receives a Christmas card along with a letter forty years of it being sent. And the letter is written by the father of the man who has received it ( who thought, until now, that his father was dead and he hadn't met him all his life). 2) Someone plans a romantic boat ride with his girlfriend in Paris, but his girlfriend has some big news to reveal ( maybe she is pregnant!). What is the big news and how will it change the life of the protagonist? 3) A person on her way back from her hostel, after months, is quite excited but her journey does not turn out as she had planned and sh