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10 Exciting Christmas Story Writing Prompts

Christmas is that time of year when you want to forget all your troubles and take a plunge inside the world of imagination. When reality is blurred and happy fables make way to our homes. Writing a short story on that theme is the best way to make use of all those imaginary characters that visit you in your dreams.  Here a few prompts to help you if anytime you find yourself clueless:   1) A middle-aged man receives a Christmas card along with a letter forty years of it being sent. And the letter is written by the father of the man who has received it ( who thought, until now, that his father was dead and he hadn't met him all his life). 2) Someone plans a romantic boat ride with his girlfriend in Paris, but his girlfriend has some big news to reveal ( maybe she is pregnant!). What is the big news and how will it change the life of the protagonist? 3) A person on her way back from her hostel, after months, is quite excited but her journey does not turn out as she had planned and sh

5 Books to Read on Creative Writing Before You Start Writing

Artistic enough, are you? Let us start by reading some tricks to use before getting into the field. What best than to read a few books containing the wisdom of various writers who have already tried their hands in it, right? You should mull and muse and discover the new depths of your mind. Read till the sun comes down, keep dreaming till it comes back up again and never say never! Here are a handful of picks that would keep you motivated and guide you through the dark tunnel that some people call the writer’s block , while others simply call it a confused phase; read on or through many other phases of writing:   1) On Writing: A Memoir of the craft This book is a must for every author. It gives us a chance to peep into the life of our besotted author Stephen King. To get you an insight into his world, I would better quote the man himself: “Writing isn't about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it's about enriching the live

How to deal with writer’s block

  When writers sit down to write, they don’t start writing in a flow. It takes time because creativity also needs time. Even writers can get exhausted. A mind has to take in information, process it and then give out unique and interesting results. Sometimes you don’t find any external or internal motivation or inspiration of any kind to keep moving further in your story. Even great thinkers and writers of their everlasting classic era, like F.Scott. Fitzgerald had a brief stint of writer’s block. Never get disheartened, just give yourself some time off. These points would be beneficial if you just have a glance at it:   1)  Dare to dream: Think of situations that you had never dared to. Make those things possible in your dream that you had never expected of this life. Are women ruling the world? Just discovered a hidden but well-developed animal society? It is your dream, make anything possible!   2)  Making changes:  Some researches show that changing the time of the day when you sit

Top 10 Tips to Prepare a Great Character Sketch in Fiction Writing

                         A character sketch makes you know your character inside-out. Suppose you are writing a story. And you have decided how the main character looks. The protagonist of your novel or story sounds jolly and extrovert initially, an introvert in the middle of the story, and a combination of both (an ambivert most probably) towards ending. All this without any strong reasons for the change in their behavioral pattern; Will the readers digest it? In my opinion, your character will not just sound unreal but also lunatic at times. It will either put that character or you out as a person with extreme mood swings!   SO, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?   Don’t just skip the character formation part. The character development process is as necessary as is story development. You could create a list of flaws and strengths of each of your character and cross-check that none of them is contradictory to each other. Throughout the story, you can keep coming back to this table and check whether