Thursday, April 25, 2019

That Yellow Tree...


I'm proudly announcing that I'm an introvert but less understood since eternity. To make the misty air around the persona of introverts clear, I thought why not write down all that I feel? So I'm doing exactly the same. After looking at a blank screen for several hours, I felt so miserable that I just had to shut my laptop off and go down for a brisk walk. Looking down at the green grass from the room window of your apartment on the twenty-second floor does not give enough satisfaction either to your mind or your eyes. Greenery is not just to be observed from far and above, but to be communicated with face-to-face. Every tree represents a wonderful creation of Almighty, a living creature at its best! I wandered around the labyrinth of shrubs and trees. There were rows of eucalyptus trees; all long and leafy. They all huddled together inside the boundaries of a garden, immediately formed an image of a calm and happy hamlet with a minimal population living at its own pace, not caring a dime about what the world would think if they were to be caught in the act of living so peacefully! They had a world of their own and a mind made up to make it as beautiful and jolly as possible. I kept on walking on the soft, freshly trimmed carpet grass; the wetness of the soil was leaving a fragrance of its own which no other synthetic perfume could beat.

Walking listlessly around, I went into a frenzied reverie of owning a house in the lap of nature(not to be confused with the property commercials!). I was even on the verge of getting the interiors made when suddenly my eyes caught sight of something glorious. A yellow tree which was hidden at the back, within the unreachable bounds of the garden. But no matter how much it tried, the fierce yellow colour of the tree was making it hard for the tree to get away with getting unnoticed. I went up to the tree and kept staring at it in awe. By the time I realized that I had been gaping at a tree for too long and that someone might consider me as a case of severe retardation, I set forth for a comfortable place to sit under the shady yellow tree. My overthinking mind again kept giving me some words of wisdom which I otherwise would have ignored, but founding them apt enough, I thought to include them in my article. I realized how 40% of the world population claim to be introverted, which makes them one yellow tree amongst the hoards of lush green eucalyptuses. But, still, we can't get our minds to look at it from a different angle. Every time that you go to a party and fall silent, you are not the one to be taken as a party pooper, rather, you are the one who has taken the very hard task of sitting back and listening to people (a skill which is becoming rarer by each passing day!). I don't feel that I lack confidence if I don't want to do what is in vogue. I feel that I'm the one of those who enjoy their own presence, one of those who like to choose the roads less travelled and I enjoy the little moments of joy rather than waiting for getting every possible attention on earth. I'm very comfortable and so are you, readers... If you're reading this and had been wanting to say the same for don't know how long, don't keep your emotions piled up inside some locked up drawer of your heart, spill them right now...

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