Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Finding a Feminist leader in a Highly Introvert Female


I had worked with a PR company, so I know how to add a formal ‘Hello’ at the beginning of a long message sent to a client. Subconsciously, I have made it a habit of putting a hello with an exclamation mark before every article of mine; don’t know why. It feels nice to say an enthusiastic hello before gushing into a fierce feminist subject!

Anyways, getting to the topic of importance today: Exercising feminist power by a highly introvert female. Is that even a topic? Yes, it is. All those who think that people who are introvert does not have any opinions…Well, you’re reading my post. Aren’t you?

After watching different kinds of inspirational and motivational videos ranging from TEDx to hours long speeches of life coaches, I realized how everyone has a different path of success. None are repeated. So why to know who did what when you have your time in your hand and you know what to do with it? I being an Indian woman, face the problem of being continually advise to not travel all alone, simply because I’m a woman. On the surface, it seems like a very nominal issue, but when you know how your whole life and career depends on your freedom of movement and you are explicitly denied to do just that, what will you do? Just sit back and get accustomed to the pressures and inequalities thrown at your face or try changing it in your own unique way? We all women and all those males who are courageous enough to be proudly called as male feminist, should at least try once. For just once… we all should contemplate on what taboos we keep following without questioning and what all practices that in the name of tradition, are sheer patriarchal dominance, need immediate halt. But who cares? We will do what is taught to us, right? We are not Eisenstein. Are we? We are just a bunch of normal women who does not feel like a need to shout out at whatever does not feel like the right thing to do, we have never been raised like that. We are the calm and patient gender of the society. We believe in nurturing values. But, does wearing a dress covering all your arms and legs in a piece of stitched cloth on a hot and humid day, not bring to you the doubt of what makes us follow a norm which is doing nothing more than stopping us from being free of unnecessary pressures and pain? Why do we like to endure all pains that does not bring any change are not be actually endured if you ever try standing up for yourself.

And if you’re looking for a list of top ten advises to overcome your inhibitions, just don’t bother about the points. Just be confident about yourself, and definitely be proud of your super sensitive and super observatory way of looking at the world, it gives you a deeper sense of who you are and what you do. Coming together to remove the tag of 'not having leadership quality' is the need of the hour. Show them what introverts are really capable of doing. Let them know how our silence has a greater meaning in such a noisy world....

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